Hi there and thanks for dropping by! As you seem interested in Collapp let me just give you a short insight into what the app is all about: Collapp is a plugin based community platform, which enables online groups to adjust and extend features to fulfill their community demands. Most available solutions mainly provide a very basic set of features. I think this falls short of the wide range of very diverse online groups and their ever evolving needs. That’s why I started Collapp.
Right now I am looking for early adopters to join the open beta, who are willing to establish close collaboration. The intention is to accompany you on your journey of creating an online community. This will allow me to understand your needs as well as to understand what parts of my app need improvement. So my offer to anyone interested is as follows

  • Free access
    You will get free access to all app features. If at some point in the future the app goes live and introduces any sort of premium functions, you will also get access to those for free.
  • Plugin development
    I will develop any plugins you need for your online community, so that you can unlock the full potential of your group.

What’s next

So if that sounds interesting to you I would love to have you on board! I believe that we can create something great together. In order to start, just follow the listed steps to get us going

  • Download the app and create an account
  • Tell me about your group via alex@thecollapp.com, WhatsApp or directly in Collapp ;)
  • Create a group and send me an invite