This page lists all updates of the app after the initial beta release on the playstore. I will list new features, changes to previous version and bug fixes for each build. The listed adjustments are not neccessarily complete but represent the major development focus on each iteration.


Version 0.2

This is the beta release version of the app after moving from native implementation towards Flutter. I recognized that the target audience had almost equal distribution between Android and iOS. Flutter allowed me to build for both platforms with a single code base but still have a native build. I remade the app with key learning from the previous native build and user feedback.

What’s New

  • Rebuild using Flutter and Dart
  • New app ui structure
  • Future focus on group plugins


Version 0.2.5

Needed to publish this hotfix since some plugins had issues and where not usable.

What’s New

  • Introduced categories on feedback plugin.

Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • Improved report page for accountability plugin
  • Updated validation for event remote URL’s
  • Fixed bug on feedback plugin

Version 0.2.4

Integrated beta test feedback and preparations for test run on core plugin functionalities for communities. Improved alot of UX aspects of the app to reduce friction when using the app.

What’s New

  • Accountability plugin for groups
  • Pro & Contra feedback plugin for groups
  • Quick join button on group previews
  • Implemented image caching
  • Obscure text button on password input fields
  • Preview cards now only show shares and comments

Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • Improved app stability.
  • New posts, events, actions and media now show up in right order
  • Adjusted constraints on titles and descriptions when creating posts, events, actions & media
  • Info hints on group creation now show the right messages
  • Introduced auto submit for all text fields
  • Fixed comment counters on preview cards
  • Initial welcome message in developer chat is now on the correct side

Version 0.2.3

This build was the first public available beta release. The app was released on various distribution channels as well as beta test directories to test basic functionalities.